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Modern Jazz

Explore a variety of jazz genres from broadway jazz to commerical, modern to urban funk, incorporating stretching & strengthening exercises, focusing on a variety of kicks, turns & leaps, jazz combos & weekly grooves.


Challenge your feet & co-ordination with tapping concepts inspired by traditional choreography (think Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire & Broadway musicals), through to the diverse funky styles of the more recent ‘Tap Dogs' & ‘Stomp’ phenomenon’s.

Our tap classes are fun, rhythmical & develop musical appreciation with flair & a keen focus on technique.


The spectacular art form of strength, control, tumbling, contortion and flexibility. Our classes explore all these elements under fully qualified instruction, using the highest quality acrobatics mats & equipment. Classes include extensive warm ups, stretching, strengthening, flexibility exercises and progress through a series of balances and teacher assisted tricks.

Hip Hop

Our hip hop classes cater to girls and boys of all abilities who want to learn & expand their awesome grooves. Classes are packed full of all the latest moves & tunes as seen in today’s video clips & dance clubs and explore the various styles of hip hop, funk, popping, locking, stepping, krump and more - no experience necessary.

Classical Ballet

Ballet is where all correct dance technique, style, poise and strength are derived. It is the most disciplined, the most expressive, and the most beautiful of all the art forms. All the ‘great' dancers gain their flair from a strong classical foundation. Our ballet classes focus on offering traditional ballet techniques whilst still making ballet fun.


Lyrical dance is a fluid & expressive dance form that involves the use of emotions & movement to expressively interpret music & lyrics. Our classes explore this fusion of classical ballet & jazz dance techniques in a creative way, with a focus on strong technique. A ballet class is encouraged to compliment this dance form.


Contemporary dance is based on a strong ballet foundation & pushes the strict boundaries of classical ballet lines by exploring parallel lines & off centre variations. A supporting classical ballet class is required in order to participate in contemporary class.

Aerial Silks


Our Elite Training


Dance Fusion's elite programs are a result of 35 years of industry experience, coupled with a deep understanding of biomechanics, developing joints and backed by current scientific research. 

Our programs are cultivated by qualified educators and ex-dancers who passionately advocate for, and prioritize the safety and sustainability of the developing body with training. Our approach delivers exceptional results as evident in our students ongoing successes in the studio and at competitions, as well the high retention of our recreational dancers seeking a fun filled learning expereince of new skill acquisition. 

Our specialised programs include acrobatic acceleration, Progressing ballet technique (PBT), a dedicated Kicks, turns & leaps technique classes differentiated by Junior (6-10yrs), Intermediate (11-14yrs) & Advanced (15yrs+) groups.

We train our dancers to reach their maximum potential

Our programs prioritze safety & sustainability and deliver real results!

Accelerated Technical Development

These highly specialized classes are for the advanced and dedicated dancer, designed to provide a platform for goal achievement and success in examinations, competitions, and provide real industry experience.

Elite training placements are via invitation/audition only & extended to students who demonstrate a passion for dance, show a consistent commitment to weekly classes, & who meet the relevant technique requirements.

A minimum 2yrs dance experience is required for enrolment in these programs. All students are required take a classical ballet class, turns & leaps, PBT extension class for consideration.

DanceStepper - Student teacher education program

Beyond dance, we offer students the chance for students 10yrs+ to develop critical thinking and leadership skills through The 'DanceStep' student-teacher training program, augmenting the holistic growth that we champion. 

This program empowers students and cultivates leadership skills through a blend of practical & educational coursework.

* NEW * RTO Cert III Dance Assistant Coming 2024!

Our Preschooler Programs

Child focused, play based entry to dance class where the foundations of correct technique are laid through gamification, teaching to the whole child, with a big focus on FUN for ages 1.5-5yrs.

Our Preschoolers Programs


Child Focused, Play Based Approach

Children are taught in age appropriate ways where the foundations of correct technique are laid through gamification, repetition and teaching to the whole child, with a big focus on fun.

Celebrating Children

We wholeheartedly celebrate childhood and focus on the present rather than fast forwarding the future. We value the opportunity to let kids be little and we design our experiences to mirror the maturity of the students.

Making It Fun

We love to teach by using storytelling and the child’s imagination & expression through movement, song and dance & tumbling, incorporating fun props & ‘toys’ to keep students engaged & motivated.

The Perfect Setting

Our students thrive in a casual and relaxed setting, designed to bring out their best, while also respecting their development needs. All class sizes are limited & we believe the best way to experience these programs is by enrolling in a whole term of fun. Trial classes also available.

About Our Preschoolers


Tinies Dance Time 1.5- 2.5yrs

Tinies Dance Time 1.5- 2.5yrs

A parent guided class with fabulous music and age-appropriate themes that you & your little one can enjoy together. Dance time, singing, incorporating musical instruments, fairy wands, bubbles, hula hoops & so much more! Mums/Dads/Grandparents Join us Saturdays 8.30 - 9.00am

Fairy Ballet 3-5yrs

Fairy Ballet 3-5yrs

A delightful introduction to the world of classical dance, exploring the basics of ballet technique & posture. With the use of fairy wands, bubbles & imagination exercises to excite & engage your little one. Ballerina Mon 3.45pm, Sat 9.15am

Kindy Jazz & Tap

Kindy Jazz & Tap

Faster music & more complex dance moves with loads of fun developing gross motor development, stretching and strengthening through gamification. These clever children thrive on their own in our relaxed environment, singing, dancing & tumbling with their teachers. Not to forget a fabulous introduction to tap dancing, encouraging rhythm, balance and coordination. Join us Sat 10am

Our Preschooler Programs
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