Dance Fusion is extremely proud of its (award winning)reputation for being a fun, friendly, family orientated dance community. We will always treat our members with kindness and respect. Students, parents & their families are encouraged to fully embrace our studio community, and must align with our values & ethos, showing respect to staff, fellow students, parents & our studio venue at all times.


Students are expected to be punctual, well presented & bring all the correct dance shoes with them to every class. Hair should be tied neatly (preferably in a bun). Students will require a water bottle for every lesson and are reminded to use the restrooms before class.

Pre-teens & beyond are reminded to be mindful about their own personal hygiene (deodorant/tidy hair) to ensure a pleasant experience for all. Students must not be enrolled at any other dance studio & are encouraged to fully embrace our studio culture, values & ethos always showing respect to teachers & studio.


Parents are not permitted in the studio whilst classes are in progress, however we do offer parent watching opportunities to our pre-schooler & junior classes at the end of each term. So that we can best serve you, we ask that all forms of communication to members of staff be received VIA EMAIL ONLY.

Be respectful of our staff’s private family time and do not call, private message or DM through social media after hours unless it’s an emergency. All emails will be responded to within 24-48hrs.


Due to the nature of dance training, some physical contact may be necessary by a teacher to demonstrate exercises or techniques during class or rehearsals or to administer first aid. Where practical no physical contact will be made. Teachers have been provided training on how to better explain exercises verbally to students in order to maintain social distancing.


Our studios are located behind Auto Bahn facing Rudloc Rd. Parents are encouraged to "kiss & drop" as studio parking can be limited. Please do not park in our neighbour's allocated bays - the tow truck drivers need a wide access to their units & will not hesitate to drive through their path.


It is essential that any students that are unwell do not attend class. If you or any student are displaying symptoms associated with Covid-19 it is highly recommended to undergo testing. Sgro Holdings Pty Ltd reserves the right to restrict entry to our studios until a negative Covid testing result is obtained and a copy provided to our studio.

Parents/guardians will acknowledge that student is in good health & free from any life-threatening conditions. If student requires any medications to treat known allergies, this must be provided to reception prior to the commencement of any dance classes and written instruction provided to our staff. Any other significant medical issues must be discussed prior to enrolment for consideration if our programs are suitable for this student.


Photography and video may be taken during our classes. Such media might be used for promotional purposes, including but not limited to reproduction on the Dance Fusion social media platforms. By enrolling at Dance Fusion, you agree to such use unless you notify us otherwise. If you do not agree to these conditions, we will require written notification to be provided for all teachers/staff


All choreography remains copyright to Dance Fusion. Permission must be provided in writing prior to performing any choreography outside of the studio. Under Australian Copyright laws, using any choreography or part thereof without the prior written consent from the studio director is punishable


All of our studio policies are reviewed quarterly. We do this to ensure we are ensuring the safety of children and young people in our care. We also are aware of legislative changes that continually amend and alter the action required or our responsibilities. All our policies, including our Child Safe/Bullying/Privacy/Covid policies are available for review in your parent portal at any time.


1. As the legal parent or guardian, I release and hold Sgro Holdings Pty Ltd t/a Dance Fusion, its owners and operators from any and all liability, claims, demands, and causes of action whatsoever, arising out of, or related to any loss, damage, or injury including death, that may be sustained by the participant and/or the undersigned, while in or upon the premises, or any premises under the control of Dance Fusion staff, its owners and operators, or in route to or from any of said premises.

2. The undersigned gives permission for Dance Fusion, its owners and operators to seek medical attention for the participant in the event in the event they are unable to reach a parent or guardian. In the event of an emergency that requires medical intervention, Dance Fusion will first contact the parent and then seek medical advice, the expenses of which will be paid by the parent.

3. Dance Fusion does not provide before/after class care for students. Children are instructed to remain within the studio premises at all times until collected by a parent. We do not accept any responsibility for loss of personal items.


Bullying, gossiping, verbal, cyber harassment or any other forms of intimidation will not be permitted. Rude or aggressive behaviour towards any member of staff, student or parent will not be tolerated. All parent interactions and correspondence, including written emails & when posting on any of our social media must be respectful, kind, positive and supportive at all times.

Sgro Holdings Pty Ltd (T/A Dance Fusion) maintain the right to un-enrol any student and remove any family from our studio or events hosted by Sgro Holdings Pty Ltd or any of its trading names. This condition will be instated in the event that a student or family disregards our published Values or Code of Conduct including but not limited to a threat, intimidation, bullying or assaulting any staff member or other students or families.

Poor student and/or parent behaviour, that are not aligned with our studios core values will not be tolerated & could result in immediate dismissal from our studio. In the event this occurs no refunds will be issued for classes missed or any fees/invoices paid for at that time. Parents will be expected to make full restitution to the studio for any damage caused to studio property by them or their child.


My daughter loves the dance, she is more confident and happy. She is waiting for Saturday to go. And she is dreaming to go in a competition and win a a trophy. Thank you for being part of our lives


Sophia very eagerly looks forward to class every single week. The teachers are truly amazing. Hands down the best dance school in the area!

Edward B.

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Dance Fusion is a children's dance studio located in Morley with an award-winning team dedicated to providing the best dance instruction whilst also empowering students to achieve their best.

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Mon – Fri : 4:00pm – 8:00pm

Sat : 8:30am – 4:00pm

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