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in the performing arts since 2003.


We believe in creating a balance between professionalism and nurturing care. We celebrate each child's unique qualities, ensuring that their individuality is cherished and encouraged. 

We believe in our vibrant, state-of-the-art studio that not only creates an unmatched environment for students to learn and flourish, but also serves as a haven for students to find themselves part of a spirited, supportive community. 

We passionately advocate for age-appropriate dance experiences for our students. Our class content, music selections, choreography and costuming are always current, up to date and done in good taste. 

Dance Fusion's programs are a result of 35 years of industry experience, coupled with a deep understanding of biomechanics and joint development. We prioritize safety and sustainability in our dancers with training that delivers exceptional results from our qualified instructors.

Beyond dance, we offer students the chance to develop critical thinking and leadership skills through The 'DanceStep' student-teacher training program, augmenting the holistic growth that we champion. 

Dance Fusion's three-tiered approach of growth, support, and the celebration of achievements is ultimately what defines us. 

But what truly sets us apart? It's our unwavering commitment to inclusivity. At Dance Fusion, dance is for everyone—regardless of shape, size, flexibility, or abilities. We're not just teaching dance; we're cultivating lifelong skills, forging friendships, and creating memories that shape confident humans. We're dedicated to nurturing not just talented dancers but confident individuals who thrive on and off the dance floor. That's the Dance Fusion way.

Our Recreational Programs

For a rewarding and casual dance experience with a focus on promoting joy through dance, self confidence and self expression in all dance styles for all abilities.

Modern Jazz



Hip Hop

Classical Ballet



Aerial Silks

Our Preschooler Programs

Child focused, play based entry to dance class where the foundations of correct technique are laid through gamification, teaching to the whole child, with a big focus on FUN for ages 1.5-5yrs.

Our Preschoolers Programs


Child Focused, Play Based Approach

Children are taught in age appropriate ways where the foundations of correct technique are laid through gamification, repetition and teaching to the whole child, with a big focus on fun.

Celebrating Children

We wholeheartedly celebrate childhood and focus on the present rather than fast forwarding the future. We value the opportunity to let kids be little and we design our experiences to mirror the maturity of the students.

Making It Fun

We love to teach by using storytelling and the child’s imagination & expression through movement, song and dance & tumbling, incorporating fun props & ‘toys’ to keep students engaged & motivated.

The Perfect Setting

Our students thrive in a casual and relaxed setting, designed to bring out their best, while also respecting their development needs. All class sizes are limited & we believe the best way to experience these programs is by enrolling in a whole term of fun. Trial classes also available.

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Our Preschooler Programs

Our Elite Training


Dance Fusion's elite programs are a result of 35 years of industry experience, coupled with a deep understanding of biomechanics, developing joints and backed by current scientific research. 

Our programs are cultivated by qualified educators and ex-dancers who passionately advocate for, and prioritize the safety and sustainability of the developing body with training. Our approach delivers exceptional results as evident in our students ongoing successes in the studio and at competitions, as well the high retention of our recreational dancers seeking a fun filled learning expereince of new skill acquisition. 

Our specialised programs include acrobatic acceleration, Progressing ballet technique (PBT), a dedicated Kicks, turns & leaps technique classes differentiated by Junior (6-10yrs), Intermediate (11-14yrs) & Advanced (15yrs+) groups.

We train our dancers to reach their maximum potential

Our programs prioritze safety & sustainability and deliver real results!

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The things we believe in that help make this dance studio extraordinary.

Our Vision

To provide high quality dance tuition to girls and boys of all ages and abilities, from inspired and passionate teachers, delivered with kindness and care.

Our Mission

To create a community where students not only learn to dance, but where they can feel safe, nurtured, and encouraged to reach individual milestones towards confidence and self-expression through dance and the performing arts.

Our Core Values

Community - Creativity - Confidence - Kindness - Passion - Loyalty

Dance Fusion

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