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Membership fees are based on a term by term minimum commitment & are charged for in advance as follows; OPTION 1; one full payment (discount applies) OPTION 2; term fee split over 5 fortnightly direct debit instalments, OPTION 3; term fee split over 2 direct debit instalments. Membership fees are calculated based on an average 45 min class & 10 weeks to a term. The number of lessons &/or weeks in a term can vary. Volume discount applies when enrolling in 2 or more classes per week. A $55.00 annual enrolment fee, charged per student covers insurances, music licensing, accounting & administrative costs. This non-refundable fee must be paid prior to the commencement of any dance class.

Our AUTOPAY system is the preferred payment method & can be set up easily through the parent portal. Alternatively, payments are kindly accepted via bank transfer (see details below), EFT or cash at reception.

Banking Details: 

Sgro Holdings Pty Ltd ATF The Sgro Family Trust T/A Dance Fusion 

Account Name: DANCE FUSION 

BSB: 086 136

Account No: 896 309 704


A $15 fee will be charged to your account for any declined AUTOPAY payments. Any student with membership fees 14 days in arrears will be unable to participate in dance class. Any accounts with 3 or more failed autopay instalments will be cancelled. Any accounts outstanding after 21 days of term commencing will be cancelled and placements will be forfeited. Broken agreements and missed deadlines are subject to penalties at the director’s discretion.

Should your child decide not to continue and you wish to cancel your membership, written notice must be provided 14 days prior to the end of the current term to avoid a $30 cancellation fee. Failure to provide sufficient notification will result in ongoing charges for the remaining term/s. Refunds, credits or transfers will not be provided for any reason.

Missed classes due to public holidays will be made up by the studio if a suitable replacement class (based on the student’s age/level) is available. Missed classes must be made up the week BEFORE or week AFTER public holidays with no exception. If you are unable to attend a make up class within these 2 weeks your lesson will be forfeited. There are no refunds for public holidays. See dark days as indicated above.

Dance Fusion reserves the right to;

i) combine classes of similar age groups (matched by genre) due to insufficient enrolments; 

ii) Re allocate students into mainstream classes more suitable to their current abilities (when classes are specifically skill based, or require pre requisites) 

iii) Substitute class teachers with same/similar qualifications & experience for any reason; 

iv) Charge late fees for any accounts overdue by 14 days. 

Our dance classes involve a high level of physical activity that often involves teacher to student contact for reasons of demonstration, corrections & alignment.

Dance classes involve a high level of physical activity that often involves teacher to student contact for reasons of demonstration, corrections & alignment. All of our teachers have current WWC clearance, senior first aid certification, CSTD (or similar) qualifications, & engage in a variety of professional development & training courses throughout the year.

All private lessons are charged by the term ($40 x 10 weeks) & covers the teacher choreographic fee, studio hire fee & music edit & licensing costs.   Lessons can be booked for solo choreography, extra exam practice, technique extension or duo/trio clean up time. Refunds for studio hire or teacher tuition will not be issued for any missed lessons/cancelations without a medical certificate. In the event of a teacher having to cancel a private lesson, a replacement time that is mutually convenient will always be provided.

For years, our studio has provided students with an exciting performance experience through its end of year concert. The recital, that annual staple of the dance school conjures images of childhood and celebrated memories for many. 

It is without doubt the highlight of the dance year, & whilst strongly encouraged, participation is totally optional. Students will require costuming approx. $75 per class (we take care of ALL the requirements – no sewing or sequinning for mums!) We ask for confirmation of involvement by the end of term 2.

All forms of communication to staff must be received via email Please do not call or private message staff during class time & please be respectful of our private family time after hours. Parents are not permitted in the studio whilst classes are in progress (but we look forward to seeing you at open week & special ‘show & dance’ sessions).

We appreciate that school life, home life, dance life & all other facets of life are all consuming & exhausting, and we can all be overloaded with information at times. However, we do ask that parents pay particular attention to the information that is carefully prepared & uploaded to the parent portal and/or sent to you via email.  Please do not be offended if we do not respond to your request for information that has already been addressed in our newsletters or can be found in our studio handbook. 

Students are to be punctual, well presented & with all the correct dance wear/shoes to every class. Hair should be tied neatly (preferably in a bun). Students should make use of the restrooms before class, bring a water bottle to every lesson & be reminded about personal hygiene (deodorant/tidy hair/clean bare feet) to ensure a pleasant experience for all. All dance shoes must be labelled. We do not accept any responsibility for loss of personal items. Students must not be enrolled at any other dance studio & are encouraged to embrace our studio culture, showing respect to the teachers, staff & venue at all times. Poor student behaviour/attitudes will not be tolerated & could result in early termination.

All forms of communication to staff must be in writing via email & addressed accordingly. Please do not call or message teaching staff during class time or members of staff after studio hours. Parents are not permitted in the studio whilst classes are in progress (except at open week). 

Dance Fusion is proud of its reputation for a fun, friendly, family orientated learning environment. Bullying, gossiping or any other forms of intimidation are not permitted. Rude or aggressive behaviour towards any staff, students or fellow parents will not be tolerated. Poor parent behaviour could result in enrolment termination at the director’s discretion. If you have a problem or complaint, please put it in writing and direct it to the studio director. Parents will be expected to make full restitution for any damage caused to studio property by their child.

  1. As the legal parent or guardian, I release Sgro Holdings Pty Ltd t/a Dance Fusion, its owners and operators from any and all liability, claims, demands, and causes of action whatsoever, arising out of, or related to any loss, damage, or injury including death, that may be sustained by the participant and/or the undersigned, while in or upon the premises, or any premises under the control of Dance Fusion staff, its owners and operators, or in route to or from any of said premises.
  2. The undersigned gives permission for Dance Fusion, its owners and operators to seek medical attention for the participant in the event in the event they are unable to reach a parent or guardian. In the event of an emergency that requires medical intervention, Dance Fusion has permission to transport the person by ambulance to the nearest available hospital or emergency department. All costs will be incurred by parent/guardian.
  3. Dance Fusion does not provide before/after class care for students. Children are instructed to remain within the studio premises at all times until collected by a parent or guardian.

All choreography remains copyright to Dance Fusion. Permission must be provided in writing prior to performing any chorography outside of the studio. This may incur a fee. Under Australian Copyright laws, using any choreography or part thereof without the prior written consent from the studio director is punishable.

Permission is granted to use students names, photographic & video imaging for use on our website and in any future advertising and promotional requirements at the directors discretion.

 Studio parking is limited, and we strongly encourage student kiss & drop. As we are located in the back 2 units of No.23 Rudloc Rd we ask parents to either park along the street & walk down to the studio entrance, or park along one side of the driveway, maintaining a clear thoroughfare at all times to allow for easy access to turn around.

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