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  • Kindy Jazz & Tap

    'Mummy I'm a big kid now!' Right from lesson 1 it's about dancing all by themselves. This age group are a delight to teach and are capable of learning quickly. Faster music, more complex dance moves and skills with loads of fun, singing, tumbling and dancing games. And let's not forget Tap time! A fabulous little introduction to the world of tap dancing, encouraging rhythm, co ordination, good core strength and balance.

    WHAT TO WEAR: Girls: Leotard, sparkly/swirly dance skirts, fairy dresses. Hair pulled back off the face. Pink ballet pumps & tan tap shoes. Boys: T-shirt and shorts. Black Pumps & black tap shoes.

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    • Date/Time: Saturday 10:15 to 11.00
    • Studio/Teacher: Studio 1, Miss Melissa
    • Age: 3-5 Years
    • Price: $180.00
    • Places left: 20