With a major emphasis on fun and creating confident little people!

  • Baby Boppers

    Our talented tinies learn to strut their stuff from a very young age and will be performing dance moves, gallops and tricks on command! The focus is on music, dancing and fun and you will be so proud to see just how much confidence it gives them. For the first few weeks we have 'mum' in the room and then once a little more familiar with their surroundings our talented tinies go into ‘independent’ mode.

    Students learn to move, listen to instructions, how to line up and take turns preparing them beautifully for kindy down the track. We play with musical instruments, fairy wands, bubbles, hula hoops, sing, shimmy & so much more! Fabulous music and age appropriate themes that your little one will adore.

    WHAT TO WEAR: Girls: Leotard, sparkly/swirly dance skirts, fairy dresses. Hair pulled back off the face. Pink ballet pumps Boys: T-shirt and shorts or Super hero outfit is they so wish. Black Pumps/or Bare Feet.


    More Info

    • Date/Time: Thursday 9.00 to 9.45
    • Studio/Teacher: Studio 1, Miss Melissa
    • Age: 2-3 Years
    • Price: $180.00
    • Places left: 15