Modern Jazz

Our jazz classes explore both the traditional jazz stylings (as seen on broadway), through to the fresh & urban funk styles of today's commercial jazz. Classes incorporate age specific warm-ups, stretching, strengthening and flexibility exercises, focusing on a variety of kicks, turns & leaps techniques, and eventually full jazz routines.

  • Intermediate Jazz


    WHAT TO WEAR: leotard, dance shorts, leggings, crop top, dance singlet (check out our awesome DF uniform range) however any tight fitting dancewear is acceptable. Tshirts & baggy clothing not permitted. Hair pulled back off the face. Tan JAZZ SHOES required for this class (check out our uniform shop or visit The Ballet Boutique located on Walter Rd, Morley). 


    More Info

    • Date/Time: Saturday 2.30 to 3.15
    • Studio/Teacher: Studio 1, Miss Alanna
    • Age: 11-15 Years
    • Price: $180.00
    • Places left: 18