A spectacular art form of strength & control, tumbling, contortion and flexibility. Our classes explore these elements under fully qualified instruction and include extensive warm ups, stretching, strengthening, flexibility exercises and progress through a series of balances, cartwheels, round offs, handsprings and teacher assisted tricks (back flips, aerials & more).

  • Acro Level 1

    A perfect introduction to tumbling & strength training.

    Students are assessed by skill level as follows:

    Level 1 = no experience (3yrs minimum)

    All acrobatics classes are conducted by fully qualified teachers on professional quality gymnastics equipment. Class sizes are capped for optimal student:teacher attention. 



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    • Date/Time: TUESDAY 4.45-5.30PM
    • Studio/Teacher: Studio 2, Miss Melissa
    • Age: By Skill
    • Price: $180.00
    • Places left: 18