A spectacular art form of strength & control, tumbling, contortion and flexibility. Our classes explore these elements under fully qualified instruction and include extensive warm ups, stretching, strengthening, flexibility exercises and progress through a series of balances, cartwheels, round offs, handsprings and teacher assisted tricks (back flips, aerials & more).

  • Acro Level 5 & 6


    Students are assessed by skill level as follows:

    Row of Back Flips (3)

    Flips & Aerial Combination

    Row of Side Aerials



    WHAT TO WEAR: leotard, dance shorts, leggings, crop top, dance singlet (check out our awesome DF uniform range) however any tight fitting dancewear is acceptable. Tshirts, baggy clothing, dangly jewellery not permitted. Hair pulled back off the face, Long hair must be in a bun for student’s safety. Bare feet is acceptable.



    More Info

    • Date/Time: Thursday 6:45 to 7:45
    • Studio/Teacher: Morley - Studio 1, Miss Dani
    • Age: By Skill
    • Price: $180.00
    • Places left: 5